Ready for Female Leadership: The Future is NOW

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This foundation has an ANBI status foundation here in the Netherlands, with chapters in 15 countries.
No salaries are paid to board members of either Feminenza or Ready for Female Leadership.

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Table of Contents

Foreword by Robert Baker


1) Marlene de Koning – Using Your Voice

2) Dick Rüger – We Need to Use EI & Other Qualities (More)

3) Vivian Acquah – Amplifying Your Career Through Mentorship

4) Charlotte Heilmann – This Is a Man’s World…

5) Yulia Yavid – The Importance of Financial Intelligence

6) Béatrice Blondiau – Trust Your Own Capacities and Realize Your Potential

7) Janine Khuc – Opening Doors

8) Sonya Richardson – The Strength of Maternal Lineage

9) Pema Nooten – Can You Imagine Finding Yourself?

10) André Knol – New Leadership to Help Solve the Global Challenges

11) Wendy Broersen – Why You Need Men in Your Life to Be Successful

12) Tessa van Keeken – Embrace Your True Self

13) Rosemary Amato – Facts – Memories – Plans: Just Data!

14) Nico Samaras – Become Your Best Self

15) Blanca Vergara – Wounds, Wealth, and Wisdom

16) Melissa Raczak – Preventing Burnout and Managing Well-Being

17) Ana Hererro-Wallace – How Every Woman Can Start Investing

18) Margarita Lourido – Finding Joy and Succeeding in Difficult Situations

19) Caroline van Leuven – Networking is an Art

20) Sheila Gemin – A Next Phase for D&I

21) Francia Agterhof – The Power of Mutual, Talent Based Growth

22) Shokoofeh Ketabchi – Women’s Relationship with Power

23) Albane Houri – A Confused State of Affairs

24) Mark Cavallo – Why Empathetic, Compassionate Men Need to Step Up

25) Bernice Feller-Thijm – Genuine Connections

26) Archana Wuntakal – If Not You, Then Who?

27) Mary Jane Roy – For the Sake of Transparency

28) Anna Tropsch – Women in Leadershift


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