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Are You Ready for Female Leadership?

The strength of a network is defined by its members. At PWN, we have created an amazing atmosphere of sharing, networking and elevating each other. These qualities bind us and help us grow together. This has been proven over the years and especially during the past two years, when a group of our members came together and initiated an exceptional project to publish a book. 

The project started in June 2020, when Pema Nooten, a new PWN member approached Mary Jane Roy, at that time a PWN Board member, with an idea to connect our members during the early stages of Covid-19. Members were invited to contribute individual essays to a book, based upon PWN’s pillars: emotional | financial | and data/tech intelligences, networking, mentoring/sponsorship, supporting women in their careers and achieving global gender balanced leadership.

The idea was warmly welcomed by the twenty-eight members who accepted the challenge and this amazing project was launched. With sixteen nationalities represented by the authors, their diversity of backgrounds brings so much richness and variety to the book. As the book progressed, a project team was formed and authors were asked if they would like to actively get involved to get the book published and launched. The project team consisted of the following activities: 

  • Domain registration and website design
  • Editing the book
  • Marketing
  • Organizing the launch event
  • Company registration

Eleven people volunteered to energetically get involved and help with promoting and preparing the book. The name of the book was chosen, a foundation was set-up with the CofC (KvK) to handle the financial aspects of publishing and selling the book, a domain was registered and the website design team went to work. When all the essays were finished, the editing team did the final reviews. Consequently, the marketing team started interviewing the authors and asking them about their key messages and calls to action in their individual  chapters. All interviews, along with the videos, were posted on Linkedin and Facebook. This was the point that the book slowly but surely received attention by our personal networks on social media. 

Finally, there was a launch ceremony in November 2021, in which many people across the globe attended. It was an entertaining event, in which the book and authors were introduced and became known to an even wider audience.

The book and foundation is called Ready for Female Leadership. From the start of the whole project until we had a hard copy in our hands, was proof of the power of female leadership: a group of highly successful female and male leaders came together and brought an idea to life. In addition, all profits from the book will be donated to a charity which facilitates females’ education and improves the life of thousands of women across the world. 

It is worth mentioning that the book is just the start. We have incorporated the foundation with the same name and have a great vision to offer a platform to promote and support gender balance and female leadership. The Ready For Female Leadership foundation’s work includes publishing books, organising events, workshops and all related activities to call attention to the importance of feminine leadership qualities and gender balance in every corner of the world. Should you be looking for a guest presenter for an International Women’s Day event or some other event, please contact us. Many of the book’s authors are willing and experienced in presenting on topics related to their essays. 

If you are interested to know more, peruse our website, where you will find more information about the authors, as well as be able to read the Foreword and the Introduction to the book. We are very proud to announce that the book is globally available on Amazon.
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Shokoofeh Ketabchi
Co-author Ready for Female Leadership: The Future is NOW

Shokoofeh Ketabchi, PhD is a highly educated businesswoman, entrepreneur and author. She has worked in several industries and countries as a business consultant, helping companies to improve their performance and expand to new markets. Having a busy lifestyle and always travelling made it difficult for her to stay healthy and fit. So she developed a program called Tanfit to help people with a busy lifestyle like her to be able to exercise and stay fit and healthy whenever and wherever they are. She also has her own brand of activewear which encourages women to celebrate their bodies no matter the size, shape or age.

She currently resides in Amsterdam and enjoys the multicultural and diverse atmosphere of the city. Her main hobbies are reading books and playing tennis. She is hardworking, self-motivated, energetic and hopes to change the world for the better! To that end, she is the Co-Lead for the PWN NL Mentoring Program 2021-2022.