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When you purchase this book, please know you are supporting the (leadership) development of women in the Netherlands (NL) and internationally active in 15 countries. You are also supporting the promotion of respect and understanding among genders.
All proceeds, after costs, are being donated to the Dutch chapter of Feminenza, an ANBI status foundation in NL since 2001.

snippets from the book

Female leadership is a current topic that many leaders and authorities are engaging in to understand how it contributes to the success of their enterprises and communities.
The path to female leadership brings new challenges and creates the need for innovative solutions.
Therefore, a group of 28 experts (women and men) decided to write a book about it. Should you wish to read the Foreword, written by Robert Baker or the Introduction of the book, please click here.

If you don’t like the rules of the game, make your own game. Make yourself an interesting person.

Yulia Yavid

Dare to ask, worst thing that can happen is people saying no (but you already had that when not asking so there is no worst thing ;-) Get the right men in your corner!

Wendy Broersen

Become a mentor or a sponsor for those who are missing in the room. #AmplifyDEI

Vivian Acquah

Do not ask ‘who am I?’ Ask ‘Where am I?’ Your true self is always present here and now. You will find yourself when you stop searching and accept yourself in this moment.

Tessa van Keeken

Remember, today is the tomorrow you worried about yesterday. Replace fear with curiosity and live life.

Sonya Richardson

A woman alone has power, but collectively we can have an impact.

Shokoofeh Ketabchi

We are witnessing a significant change in our society. Traditional functions and patterns will vanish. We all have a role to play in this crucial transition.

Sheila Gemin

Choose joy and happiness over suffering. Embrace life fully, with all its ups and downs. Make a continue choice every day. Heal yourself by loving yourself.

Pema Nooten

Work on your compassion and empathy above all else, people follow leaders who empathise with their pain and difficulties.

Nico Samaras

Life is to short to be sidetracked by what others may want you to do. Live your life and it will be a full one.

Melissa Raczak

With the proper knowledge & tools, we can ALL improve our resiliency to what life brings onto our path AND thrive in life.

Mary Jane Roy

Make yourself resilient for the future of work by continuous learning.

Marlene de Koning

A lack of workplace diversity, and in this case, gender inequality, are massive barriers. They are robbing the world of alternate perspectives, skills, innate characteristics and solutions.

Mark Cavallo

Appreciation brings us joy, diminishes the pain and discomfort of a difficult situation, and is the key to having our happiness in our hands.

Margarita Lourido

Next time you are in a situation outside of your comfort zone, don’t focus on your failures and things that could go wrong. See it as a learning opportunity.


As soon as you get a compliment write it down. And ask yourself what talent did I use?

Francia Agterhof

“Don’t be shy and use all the marvellous masculine and feminine qualities you already have in you.”

Dick Rüger

Start today and support a woman on her way, for example by recommending her for an open job position.

Charlotte Heilman

Let your skills work for you.

Caroline van Leuven

Let’s break together the female legacy of shame and self-censorship AND embody true feminine power.

Blanca Vergara

Be compassionate, also towards yourself.

Bernice Feller Thijm

The key of your success lies in your hands and in the people supporting you. And don’t worry… you have time : (ME + Network) + Time = success

Beatrice Blondiau

“If not you, then who?”

Archan Wuntakal

Be authentic, be fearless, be yourself!

Anna Tropsch

We must deepen feminine wisdom and leadership to face the global challenges and to shape the future that is needed in our world.

Andre Knol

Empowering women to succeed in their financial plan.

Anna Herrero Wallace

“Keep away from people who try to belittle your ambitions. Small people always do that, but the really great make you feel that you, too, can become great.” – Mark Twain.

Albane Houri

Learning is a live-long skill that should be embedded in our children. My mother taught me about learning by continually reminding me that with a good education a woman can do anything a man can do and that we shouldn’t depend on men to support us. Recognize and LIVE your OWN Purpose!

Rosemary Amato

Table of Contents

Foreword by Robert Baker


1) Marlene de Koning – Using Your Voice

2) Dick Rüger – We Need to Use EI & Other Qualities (More)

3) Vivian Acquah – Amplifying Your Career Through Mentorship

4) Charlotte Heilmann – This Is a Man’s World…

5) Yulia Yavid – The Importance of Financial Intelligence

6) Béatrice Blondiau – Trust Your Own Capacities and Realize Your Potential

7) Janine Khuc – Opening Doors

8) Sonya Richardson – The Strength of Maternal Lineage

9) Pema Nooten – Can You Imagine Finding Yourself?

10) André Knol – New Leadership to Help Solve the Global Challenges

11) Wendy Broersen – Why You Need Men in Your Life to Be Successful

12) Tessa van Keeken – Embrace Your True Self

13) Rosemary Amato – Facts – Memories – Plans: Just Data!

14) Nico Samaras – Become Your Best Self

15) Blanca Vergara – Wounds, Wealth, and Wisdom

16) Melissa Raczak – Preventing Burnout and Managing Well-Being

17) Ana Hererro-Wallace – How Every Woman Can Start Investing

18) Margarita Lourido – Finding Joy and Succeeding in Difficult Situations

19) Caroline van Leuven – Networking is an Art

20) Sheila Gemin – A Next Phase for D&I

21) Francia Agterhof – The Power of Mutual, Talent Based Growth

22) Shokoofeh Ketabchi – Women’s Relationship with Power

23) Albane Houri – A Confused State of Affairs

24) Mark Cavallo – Why Empathetic, Compassionate Men Need to Step Up

25) Bernice Feller-Thijm – Genuine Connections

26) Archana Wuntakal – If Not You, Then Who?

27) Mary Jane Roy – For the Sake of Transparency

28) Anna Tropsch – Women in Leadershift


List of Authors

These authors shared their insights, experiences and tips in our book
Ready for Female Leadership, the future is NOW

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